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Phone Number : 0086-510-83622151

NQ Impregnated Diamond Bit Wedge type Good Fluid evacuation

Place of Origin Made in Wuxi, China
Brand Name cge
Certification ISO9001:2015
Model Number AQ BQ NQ NQ3 HQ3 PQ PQ3 T2 Series T6 Series
Minimum Order Quantity N/A
Price Negotiation
Packaging Details Steel Belt Iron Frame Export Wooden Case
Delivery Time 10-15 working days after payment
Payment Terms T/T or L/C
Supply Ability 10,000pcs per month
Product Details
Application For Diamond Core Drilling For Mineral Exploration Product Name NQ Impregnated Diamond Drilling Bits
Standard DCDMA Avalilable Size NC3(BC BC3 NC NC2 HC HC3 PC PC3)
Core Size 45mm Usage Wireline Core Drilling
Crown Height 12mm 14mm 16mm Waterways 8 /10 Or As Your Requirement
High Light

Impregnated Diamond Bit


Diamond Core Drill Bit


Diamond Drill Bit

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Product Description



Wireline Diamond Core Drill Bits For Granite / High Performance Core Drill Bit Geological Drilling NC3


Wedge type NQ bit has a very good fluid evacuation function.

• Helps with the removal of cuttings and debris by flushing the waterways and keeping them free and clean.



The impregnated diamond bits are manufactured using high quality raw materials for optimum drilling performance. These impregnated bits present a metallic layer impregnated of diamonds on its cutting face. These impregnated bits are made by mixing fine diamonds with a metallic powder called matrix. The mixture is then subjected to heat treatment assuring the metallurgical bond of the matrix on the steel blank. To maintain optimal performance during entire bit life, it is important that matrix wear is synchronized with the diamond wear to ensure exposure of new diamonds with sharp edges.


As to the packing, it is first packaged by cartons, and then put into the plywood case.

NQ Impregnated Diamond Bit  Wedge type Good Fluid evacuation 0



International Standard:

C series: AC, BC, BC3,NC, NC2, NC3,HC, HC3,PC, PC3

T series:T36,TB56

TT series:TT46,TT56
T2 series: T2 46,T2 56,T2 66,T2 76,T2 86,T2 101

T6 series:T6 76,T6 86,T6 101,T6 116,T6 131,T6 146

B series:B36,B46,,B56,B66,B76,B86,B101,B116,B131,B146


LTK series:LTK48,LTK60

Non-standard also can be made as your requirement.





Our impregnated bits matrices can be selected according to the chart below




Name of Rock
1 sand, soft shale, chalk, marly shale, med-hard limestone ,salt,frozen soil&ice,soft sandstone,sandy shale,claystone,sandy limestone,soft schist
2-3 soft shale,chalk,marly shale,med-hard limestone,salt,frozen soil&ice,soft sandstone,sandy shale,claystone,sandy limestone,soft schist,med-hard sandstone,siltstone,alluvial deposits,calcitic limestone
4-5 claystone,sandy limestone,soft schist,med-hard sandstone,siltstone,alluvial deposits,calcitic limestone,med-hard limestone,hard limestone,hard shale,dolomitic limestone
6-7 med-hard limestone,hard limestone,hard shale,dolomitic limestone,schist,serpentine,hard & mica schist,siliceous limestone,dolomite,marble,peridotite
7-8 dolomitic limestone,schist,serpentine,hard & mica schist,siliceous limestone,dolomite,marble,peridotite,andesite,pegmatite,hematite
8 dolomite,marble,peridotite,andesite,pegmatite,hematite,magnetit,metamorph schist,gneiss,granite,basalt
9-10 andesite,pegmatite,hematite,magnetit,metamorph schist,gneiss,granite,basalt,gabbro,rhyolite,diorite
10-11 magnetit,metamorphschist,gneiss,granite,basalt,gabbro,rhyolite,diorite,conglomerate,taconite



Technical Parameters:


SIZE BIT OD Hole Diameter BIT ID Core Diameter
inches mm inches mm
AQ 1.870/1.880 47.50/47.75 1.057/1.067 26.85/27.10
BQ 2.340/2.350 59.44/59.69 1.428/1.438 36.27/36.53
BQ3 2.340/2.350 59.44/59.69 1.315/1.325 33.40/33.65
NQ 2.960/2.970 75.18/75.44 1.870/1.880 47.50/47.75
NQ2 2.960/2.970 75.18/75.44 1.990/2.000 50.65/50.80
NQ3 2.960/2.970 75.18/75.44 1.770/1.780 44.96/45.21
HQ 3.755/3.770 95.38/96.00 2.495/2.506 63.38/63.63
HQ3 3.755/3.770 95.38/95.57 2.401/2.411 60.99/61.24
PQ 4.795/4.815 121.80/122.30 3.340/3.350 84.84/85.09
PQ3 4.795/4.815 121.80/122.30 3.265/3.275 82.93/83.19